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   Select Minden titles--including many that are out of print-- are available in PDF file format.  All items listed on this page are in PDF format.  All the rules and components included in the original are included in the PDF file.  Files are password protected.  When you order a PDF item, we will email you the game file (usually within 48 hours), along with the file's password, and you can then open and print out a copy on your own.   (You will need a copy of Adobe (or compatible program) to open these files, if you don't have it already; this is available as a free download from Adobe.)   The advantage of buying PDF format games is that the price is lower than a usual "paper copy" of a game, and many out of print items are available in this format.  Click on the cover of a particular item, to find out more details about that item.

   Watch for special COMBO offers listed below.  A combo is one larger PDF file, containing more than one title, as described, at a lower cost.  Also, we offer a special bulk savings plan, which you may want to take advantage of.  Here's how it works:

If your PDF file order is $60.00 to $99.99, we will refund you 15% of the total.
If your PDF file order is $100.00 or more, we will refund you 25% of the total.
(See bottom of page for rules and restrictions of this offer.)

   Please note: Each order will include the standard $3.50 postage charge when you check out, whether or not you have purchased regular format games, PDF format games, or a combination of the two.  This automatically occurs.  Why is this, if you are only buying PDF items that are emailed and require no postage?  First, that is how the Paypal template is set up, and the charge applies to all orders that we receive. Second, we have taken this fact into consideration, and offer lower purchase prices for each item.  For instance, if you order one item for $5.75, we priced it at $5.75 and not $9.25 (and zero postage).  Third, charging $3.50 per order encourages you to save by buying more than one item at a time; this acts as a natural discount generator, with the more you buy, the greater the savings.  (Example: If you order two $6.75 items, the price plus $3.50 comes to $17.00--a savings over ordering one item separately for $6.75 + 3.50, and the second separately at $6.75 + 3.50.  It also means we process one purchase order, instead of two, which is an advantage on our end.)   Bottom line: The more items you order at once, the less the average cost per title will be.  The PDF file format appeals to many gamers, allows us to make available out-of-print items, and we want to provide this format as an option to our customers; this policy enables us to do so.

                                                                            Paper format games are listed on the ORDERING page; if an item is not listed on that page, it is NOT available in paper format.  Amazon items are listed on the AMAZON page.  All items on this page are PDF file games & magazines.

   HOW TO ORDER:  Click on the item cover for more details about the item.  Click on the drop-down box of the item you wish to purchase.  A flat fee of $3.50 will automatically be added to your order at checkout, regardless of how many items you order.  
PDF prices are the same for any location, whether in the US/Canada, or outside North America.

It is the responsibility of the gamer to get a free copy of the Adobe software necessary to use any of these files that you purchase, and have access to a suitable printer.  Upon purchase, we will email you the purchased titles, along with necessary passwords for the files.  
We're making these titles available in this format to provide players with more flexibility in purchasing and using our games and magzines.  Please do not share files with others.  Thanks for your support ! 

Combat Leader

CL: East Front

CL: Expansion

CL: Volkssturm


Combat Leader

CL: Solitaire Module

CL: East Front

CL: Expansion

CL: Volkssturm

Please read the rules & restrictions about the special bulk savings offer (mentioned above) at the bottom of this page, before ordering.

This offer only applies to orders that include purchase of PDF FILE ITEMS only.  If you want to purchase PDF items and regular games from the Order Page, to take advantage of the Special Bulk Order discount, you will need to place one order for the PDF items, and a separate order for the regular games items.  
This special my be withdrawn or modified at any time, without prior notice.

If your total PDF file order plus postage comes to $60.00 to $99.99, we will refund you 15% of the total order via Paypal.  If your PDF file order plus postage comes to $100.00 or more, we will refund you 25% of the total order via Paypal.

Valid Examples:  (1) You order seven PDF items totaling $57.25; $57.25 plus $3.50 order fee comes to $60.75, so we will refund you 15% of $60.75 ($9.12) via Paypal.  (2) You order several items (including a combo) with total price of $110.25; $110.25 plus $3.50 order fee comes to $113.75, so we will refund you 25% of $113.75 (28.44) via Paypal.

​Invalid Example:  You order a bunch of PDF files that total over $60.00, and also one item from the Order Page, all in one order.  This purchase does not qualify for any refund, since your order includes a non-PDF item.  In this case, to get the discount, make two orders... one including PDF items only, and another for regular games bought from the order page.  We're not trying to make the restrictions onerous, but it does help us to process orders if they are all one format or the other, and we ask for your understanding if you want to qualify for this significant discount.

We try to process and email PDF orders out in a timely manner.  This typically means we send out orders at least twice a week, and refunds (noted above) at least once per week.  Depending on when an order is received, typically you will receive your PDF order (and passwords for the files) 
by return email within two days. 

Minden has been in business for twenty years, and offers individualized service on award-winning wargames and magazines.  We take customer service seriously.  If your order is slightly delayed by reasons outside our control (such as we being away for three days on business, or not available during
a long holiday weekend, your understanding is appreciated!   

Panzer Digest

PzD Naval War Special;  PzD #2; PzD #11;  PzD Review Special; PzD 2008 Naval Special
5 issues

WW2 Land

Falaise Pocket

Remagen Bridgehead

Breakout at St Lo
3 WW2 games


Battle over Britain

Battle over the Pacific

Flying Tigers
3 WW2 titles
PDF files are a great way to get out-of-print Minden games, at very reasonable prices! Check out what's available!
PDF Combat Leader: COMBO 4Z (CL:Sol Mod, EF, Exp, Volks)
PDF Combat Leader: COMBO 3Y (CL: EF, Exp, Volks)
PDF Combat Leader: Solitaire Module
PDF Combat Leader: East Front
PDF Combat Leader: East Front
PDF Combat Leader: Volkssturm
PDF Battle of the River Plate, 2nd ed.
PDF Destruction of Force Z
PDF Mers-el-Kebir
PDF NavTac: Mediterranean
PDF Panzerschiff
PDF Emden vs Sydney, 2nd ed.
PDF NavTac: Coronel & Falklands
PDFMonitor vs Merrimack II
PDF Mighty Hood II
PDF World War II Naval: COMBO 3X (R.Plate, Mers-el-K, Force Z)


River Plate


Force Z

3 WW2 games
PDF Eindekker
PDF Battle over Britain, 2nd ed.
PDF Torpedo Raiders Advanced, 2nd ed.
PDF Battle over the Pacific
PDF Flying Tigers Module
PDF World War II Air: COMBO 3W (BoB 2nd, BotPac, Flying Tigers)
PDF Breakout at St. Lo
PDF Assault at Cold Harbor
PDF Madagascar, 1942
PDF Evacuation of Konigsberg
PDF Longstreet's Disaster
PDF Remagen Bridgehead
PDF Falaise Pocket
PDF World War II Land: COMBO 3U (St Lo, Remagen, Falaise)
PDF Panzer Digest Naval War Special (w/3 games)
PDF Panzerscreck #16 (w/ Force Z game)
PDF Dispatches from the Front #1 (w/ GWSalvo! Promo game)
PDF Panzer Digest #2 (w/ 3 issue games)
PDF Panzer Digest #11 (w/ Faith, Hope & Charity game)
PDF Panzer Digest 2008 Naval Special (w/ Dogger Bank II game)
PDF Panzer Digest Review Special magazine
PDF Panzer Digest COMBO 5V (PzD #2,#11 Nav.War,Review,2008 Nav.)
PDF Occupation of the Rhineland, 1936, 3rd ed.
PDF Jousting: Field of Honour
PDF Fall of Rohm
PDF Salvo Intro Set: Combo 4S (3 WW2 & 1 WWI games)

Salvo Intro Set

Denmark Strait (1st & 2nd ed.)

River Plate

Great War Salvo Promo
4 naval games

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