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PDF Destruction of Force Z
PDF NavTac: Mediterranean
PDF Panzerschiff
PDF Emden vs Sydney, 2nd ed.
PDF NavTac: Coronel & Falklands
PDF Mighty Hood II
PDF Battle over the Pacific
PDF Flying Tigers Module
PDF Breakout at St. Lo
PDF Assault at Cold Harbor
PDF Madagascar, 1942
PDF Falaise Pocket
PDF Panzer Digest Naval War Special (w/3 games)
PDF Panzerscreck #16 (w/ Force Z game)
PDF Dispatches from the Front #1 (w/ GWSalvo! Promo game)
PDF Panzer Digest #2 (w/ 3 issue games)
PDF Panzer Digest 2008 Naval Special (w/ Dogger Bank II game)
PDF Occupation of the Rhineland, 1936, 3rd ed.
PDF Jousting: Field of Honour
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denotes game specifically designed for solitaire
denotes game out-of-print in paper format
PDF North Cape
PDF Tsushima 1905, SHIP SET, 2nd
Four WW2 solitaire naval games: Torpedo Raiders Adv., Destruction of Force Z, Mers-el-Kebir, & Salvo! Denmark Strait.
Battle over Britain series, with French, German, British, Italian, Russian planes. Includes Solitaire BoB Supplement, allowing you to play any game in the series solo. 
Battle over Britain series, with German & British planes, historical scenarios, campaign game. Second edition.
Battle over Britain series, with Japanese, USA, British, German, Italian​, Polish, Dutch planes, 
Solitaire WW2 Salvo! game system simulation, with rated warships from Britain, France, Germany, Italy.
Solitaire WW1 Salvo! game system simulation, with 330 rated warship counters from several countries.
Solitaire design covering Battle of the North Cape (1943), using the WW2 Salvo! game system.
Pre-dreadnought era naval game, using the Battleship Captain game system, with special focus on the Russo-Japanese War.  Over 300 warship counters from several nations.
PDF release with 420 ship counters of the pre-dreadnought era, with most up-to-date Battleship Captain system ratings.
WW1 tactical game simulating Battle of Dogger Bank (1915), using the NavTac game system.
Solitaire WW2 naval/air game which saw the destruction of Royal Navy's Force Z in late 1941.
Introductory level WW2 tactical naval game, using the Battleship Captain system.
Solitaire game of the initial Viking raids in the British Isles, later 9th c. onward.
Solitaire game of the British attack on the French fleet in North Africa, 1940, using the Salvo! game system.
WW1 tactical game simulating naval encounters in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, using the NavTac game system.
Solitaire, introductory level WW2 tactical naval combat "postcard" games, using the Salvo! system, simulating battles of Denmark Strait, and River Plate.
WW1 tactical game simulating naval encounters focusing on the battles of Coronel and the Falklands, using the NavTac game system.
Introductory game of battleship combat in WW2, simple to learn, simple to play, with rated ship counters from several nations. Comes with the Expansion set as well.
Simple game of WW1 naval combat, using a modified Fletcher Pratt system for this 1914 battle between Emden and Sydney.
Simple, introductory level Civil War naval game simulating the Battle of Hampton Roads, 1862.
Older edition Battleship Captain (1st ed.)  system game covering battles involving HMS Hood in WW2.
 Solitaire BoB Supplement allows you to play any game in the series solo. You must own a Battle over Britain series game to use this.
Four older games in the Battle over Britain series:  Battle over Britain 2nd ed, Battle over the Pacific, Faith, Hope & Charity, and Solitaire Module.  
Book containing the core rules for the entire WW2 Combat Leader system, allowing you to play any game/module in the series. 
East front module with counter sheets A, B, C (German & Russian soldiers), two maps (1 & 2), six scenarios, game markers, Ref Card, four-page module folder.  
Winter War module with counter sheets G & H (Finns & Russians), two maps (7 & 8), four scenarios, game markers, Ref Card, 11-page module folder detailing Finnish characteristics and weapons.  
Volkssturm 2nd ed. module with counter sheet D (German Volkssturm & Russians), three maps (3, 4, & 5), three scenarios, game markers, Ref Card, 8-page module folder detailing Volkssturm characteristics and weapons.  
Poland 1939 module with counter sheets J & K (Poles & Germans), two maps (9 & 10), five scenarios, game markers, Ref Card, 12-page module folder detailing special Polish characteristics and weapons.  
Counter sheets E & F (Germans & Russians), one map (6), several  scenarios, game markers, Ref Card, 20-page booklet detailing how to play Combat Leader solo.
Battle over Britain series module, adding multi-engine bombers to the game, with bombers from several nations, along with rules incorporating their use in the game system.
Solitaire WW1 tactical game of the air war over France, 1915, during the "Fokker Scourge" period. 2nd edition.
Solitaire WW2 card game, with you taking the role of a torpedo bomber vs enemy ships.  Several historical scenarios.
Battle over Britain series, with Japanese & American planes, historical 1941-42 scenarios, campaign game. 
Battle over Britain series, solitaire design, with Japanese & Chinese AVG, Polish, Dutch planes, historical scenarios, campaign games.  
Original Combat Leader game, covering the East Front. Two counter sheets (A & B), two maps (1 & 2), 6 scenarios, Ref Card, 16-page rules (now supplanted by CL: Core Rules).
Expansion module for original Combat Leader game, with one counter sheet (C), two maps (3 & 4), Ref Card, expansion rules (now supplanted by CL: Core Rules).
Set that includes Combat Leader: Core Rules, and Combat Leader: Ostkrieg.
Set that includes Combat Leader: Core Rules, and Combat Leader: Poland 1939.
Solitaire, tactical game of German assault in south Stalingrad, September 13-15, 1942.
Solitaire game of famous Roman siege of the mountain fortress of Masada, A.D. 73. 
Solitaire American Civil War game of the bloody Union assault at Cold Harbor, June 1864. 
Solitaire game of first day of the Somme Offensive, July 1, 1916. PDF ed. also includes the Somme Extra Counter (More Men) Set with two new scenarios. ​2019.
Solitaire game of the famous "900-Day Siege" of WW2, from economic and social perspective. 
Three solitaire WW2 strategy card games:  Stringbag, Sniper Attack, and Penal Battalion.
Solitaire WW2 game of British attack on Madagascar, 1942. 
Post-D-Day WW2 game of allied breakout at St. Lo, France, July 1944.
Post-D-Day WW2 game of German troops surrounded in the Falaise Pocket, August 1944..
46-page wargame magazine with three complete issue games inside: Viking Fury, Battle over Europe, & North Cape.​  2019.
Wargame magazine with two complete issue games inside: Combat Leader: Winter War, and Stringbag
Wargame magazine with two complete solitaire issue games inside: Mers-el-Kebir, and Assault at Cold Harbor
Magazines with complete game inside: Faith, Hope & Charity (Battle over Britain series).
Magazines with three complete game inside: Swordfish at Taranto, Field of Honour, & Evacuation of Konigsberg.
Magazine Anthology of wargame reviews from Panzer Digest #1 to #9 (no game included).  Published 2010.

Panzerschreck #17 (Fall 2020) 88-page issue with three games: Battle over DunkirkDer Tag 1916, Napoleon in Italy 2nd ed.

Panzerschreck #16 with issue game Destruction of Force Z (solitaire WW2).

Magazine with issue game: Great War Salvo! Promo ed.​ 2012.
Panzer Digest Naval Warfare Special (2018) with three issue games: Monitor vs Merrimac, Tsushima 1905 1st ed., and Great War NavTac, along with gaming articles.
Panzer Digest Naval Special (2008) with issue game: Dogger Bank II (Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers system), along with gaming articles.
Solitaire, power politics game set in Europe, 1936. Third edition.
Recreate a medieval jousting tournament on the tabletop.
Tactical WW2 Wargame Variant Rules, 5th edition.
PDF Solitaire Battle over Britain Supplement
PDF Siege of Leningrad
PDF Panzer Digest #13
Solitaire WW1 strategic level game of the North Sea campaign between the British and German fleets.
Battle over Britain series, with French, British, German, and Belgian planes, historical 1940 scenarios, campaign game. 
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PDF Panzerschreck #17
PDF Stalingrad: Leather Factory
PDF Panzer Digest #14
PDF Retro 5th ed.
PDF Viking Fury
PDF Bundle: 4 WW2 Solitaire Naval Games
PDF Battle of the River Plate, 2nd ed.
PDF Mers-el-Kebir
PDF Dogger Bank
PDF Tsushima 1905, 2nd ed.
PDF Great War Salvo! 3rd ed.
PDF Advanced Salvo! European Theater
PDFMonitor vs Merrimack II
PDF Battle over Britain, 2nd ed.
PDF Eindekker
PDF Torpedo Raiders Advanced, 2nd ed.
PDF Battle over Europe
PDF Tally Ho!
PDF Battle over Dunkirk
PDF Bundle: x4 Battle over Britain Games
PDF Combat Leader: Core Rules
PDF Combat Leader: Ostkrieg
PDF Combat Leader: Winter War
PDF Combat Leader: Volkssturm 2nd ed.
PDF Combat Leader: Poland 1939
PDF Combat Leader: Solitaire Module
PDF Combat Leader: East Front
PDF Combat Leader: Expansion
PDF Combat Leader SET: Core Rules + Ostkrieg
PDF Combat Leader SET: Core Rules + Poland 1939
PDF Battle of the Somme + Extra Counter Set
PDF Masada
PDF Solitaire WW2 Wargames
PDF Panzer Digest #12
PDF Panzer Digest #11 (w/ Faith, Hope & Charity game)
PDF Panzer Digest Review Special magazine
PDF Der Tag, 1916
PDF Salvo Intro: Denmark Strait & River Plate

Panzerschreck #18 (Winter 2020-21) 94-page issue with three solitaire games: Charge of the Light Brigade, Gunfight at OK Corral, Fall of Rohm 2nd ed.

Solitaire WW2 tactical game of the British raid on Taranto, November 1940, by Fairey Swordfish bombers. New, 3rd edition. Foreword by Norman Bell.
PDF Swordfish at Taranto, 3rd ed.
PDF Panzerschreck #18
Solitaire wargame about the most famous gunfight of the Old West, Tombstone AZ, 1881.

Solitaire game simulating the fateful charge during the Crimean War, 1854.
Introductory level WW2 tactical naval game, using the Battleship Captain system. PDF ed. has 48 page color rule book, plus four color counter sheets (#1 to #4).
Must have Action Stations: Atlantic or Battleship Captain 3rd to use this module.  This PDF edition has 12 counter sheets (#7 to #18), additional rules and several convoy scenarios.
Solitaire power politics game set in pre-war Germany, 1934. 2nd edition.

PDF Charge of the Light Brigade
PDF Action Stations: Atlantic
PDF Action Stations: Convoy PDF Module

Panzerschreck #19 (Summer 2021) 100-page issue with two solitaire wargames: U-Boat Captain, & Battle of Cajamarca, 1532.

PDF Panzerschreck #19
Game components (no rules) with 270 plane counters, Dogfight Display, Ref Card; planes for Battle over Britain, Tally Ho!, Battle over Europe, Battle over Dunkirk, Bomber Command, & Solitaire Supplement. You must own a Battle over Britain game to use this module. 2nd edition.
PDF Fighter Command 2nd ed.
Solitaire WW2 game of the American crossing of the Rhine, 1945. 20212 ed.
Remagen Bridgehead 2012 ed.
PDF Gunfight at OK Corral
Upgrade set for those owning previous edition.  Comes with all current ed. game components, Advanced rules, two new scenarios, and Extra Counter (More Men) Set. You must own Battle of the Somme to use this. 2019.
PDF Battle of the Somme: Component Set
Advanced edition with additional rules and more U-Boat types (Type VIIA, VIIB, VIIC, IXA, IXB, IXC, IIB, IID)​ of this tactical WW2 U-Boat game.
Three 19th c. solitaire games:  Charge of the Light Brigade, Gunfight at O.K. Corral 2nd ed., Assault at Cold Harbor.
76 PDF items available.